Last night I was lying in bed reflecting on my first journey as an independent adult, flying to Moscow with my ears full of admonitions, and advice to be wary of strangers in the big bad world. I remember sitting in the airport when my plane was delayed, and approached by a friendly Scotsman carrying a mandolin, which he proceeded to play and sing along to beautifully, while in my head were contradictory thoughts; one of appreciation for his moving Celtic music, and another of keeping my money safe from him, because surely this stranger was out to rob it from me! I remembered this after reading my friend’s weblog today. I hope he/she doesn’t think I just copied the idea and added some cultural references to make it more interesting 😛

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  1. Not Jessy

     /  19 May, 2005

    By the way, this friend’s name is Jessy. Quite Pretty and smart I think! Please visit her weblog for more rubbish:, oh yes, even though Jessy’s weblog is more interesting pls do come back to Naz’s weblog. Jessy doesn’t want to take away visitors from this weblog.

  2. hi guys, it seems only you two here, jessy and nazy:) i am glad to see most of us have our own proper website. but a bad news is that jessy will be away for one month:( Naz, you will miss her, ah? i will miss her anyway! naz, you don’t have to feel guilty, even you didn’t do anything except wasting time. coz every body the same, at least same as me. so let’s enjoy these few days before jessy go!!!!!

  3. Jessy

     /  19 May, 2005

    Naz, see I am helping you to attract more comments! Let us welcome BingBing to Naz’s online office.

  4. Hello Bingboula and welcome to this most interesting of pages. As Jonny remarked a moment ago, “i assume some good ‘literature review’ hours went into it.”

  5. bingbing

     /  20 May, 2005

    haha ,thanks naz and jessy, i hope you can read chinese, then you can see my chinese blog:) but unfortunately, you can’t , so “` what a pity!!!
    anyway, i am looking forward the literature review !!

  6. Anonymous

     /  18 November, 2005

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