Goodbye Jill

Just said goodbye to Jill via MSN. Here’s hoping she has a safe journey there and back. (Tracy and I especially would like to see her back, a sentiment which has nothing whatsoever to do with the contents of her luggage).

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  1. bingbing

     /  31 May, 2005

    hehe: how can you find my blog? let me tell you , naz, listen, hehe, is not a name of person , it means i was laughing. you can try to have a smile with sound, and this sound sounds like ‘hehe’! understand? if not, i will tell you again when i see you next time! by the way, is my boyfriend handsome?:)

  2. I know you were laughing, I was just joking! I have a link to your blog from my page, there is no place to hide on the Internet! And I haven’t seen your boyfriend. (5 mins later) Ok, now I have.


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