Munich bound

Hey guys (in Manchester)! How about a weekend in Munich? Let’s have your comments. In case you need reminding, there’s a certain someone who lives there now, and (against his express desires) I managed to invite ourselves to a weekend there. There might be some festivals going on that we can time our visit to coincide with, suggests Jonny.
P.S. Munich is in Germany 😛

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  1. certain someone

     /  2 June, 2005

    I’ll check out the travel expenses to facilitate the decision process….

  2. Ioannis

     /  2 June, 2005

    I am in, when are the festivals?

  3. Jessy

     /  2 June, 2005

    Oh..thank you for PSing us that Manich is in Germany, but are you sure it is in Germany?

  4. Ah Jessy, so you realised for whom I put that special P.S.? Hehe

  5. bingbing

     /  2 June, 2005

    why you tell us now, you should tell us at least one week before , Naz, it is your fault, ok? i am sorry ,i can’t join you. i have to work. if you arrange another time and notice me one week before, then i can change my routa:) anyway, if your guys go, don’t forget bring my best wishes for Rayk, and bring some beautifu pics back. right?


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