ISOM Awards 2005

Here’s an idea. We need an ISOM Awards ceremony for the end of our academic year. So the main topic for discussion is, what kind of categories should people be nominated for? All suggestions welcome. I’ll start it off by suggesting a “Most Likely to Still be on the Dole in a Year” Award. Once we have a list of awards, we can go about selecting and then voting for the nominees. How about it?
P.S All other weblogs trackback to this so all ISOMers will have a chance to read about it, no matter which weblog they visit.

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  1. jessy

     /  7 June, 2005

    I don’t mind any categories! just vote for me! hahahaha

  2. qing

     /  7 June, 2005

    good idea. I prefer awards with funny names or named after a famous person who has obvious but special personality . I am sorry that i can not come up with any novel ideas at the moment. But I am sure that would be fun.

  3. Hmmm. I like Qing’s idea of famous names. Kind of like “The Bill Gates Award for Borrowing Ideas” or “The Ellen MacArthur Award for Pointless Suffering”. Let’s see if any relevant ones come to me.

  4. jessy

     /  8 June, 2005

    I think I have won the “Dish Washer Award”. I am a specialist in this filed and my expertise won me this award.

  5. pan

     /  8 June, 2005

    I am going to repeat waht jessy said, plusing some more “hahaha”

  6. Ioannis

     /  9 June, 2005

    The Richard Branson award for modesty. NOT given to Jessy or Pan

  7. Jessy

     /  23 June, 2005

    I am back to receive my Award!

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