Dinner with friends

Tuesday evening, around six-thirty-ish, I get a callback from Ioannis saying that he’s off to Exchange Square, more precisely, the Sinclair’s Oyster Bar, for a pint with his ex-coworker and friend Rob. After ‘much persuasion’, I joined Ioannis and we went there for a couple of pints and a few laughs. Rob’s friend Riz was with us too. Then Ioannis suggests going for a curry to Rusholme, which means the only one restaurant worth considering, i.e. Sangam! After stuffing ourselves with Karahi chicken, lamb and chili paneer, we were politely asked to leave the premises at half-eleven or so, after which Ioannis headed for his bed. But the three of us still had a spark of life left in us, so we decided to hit Oxford Rd and ended up in Revolution. After being shuffled out from there at one, we had to call it a night (but not before checking on the Footage to see if they’d let us in).

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