Blue Planet

UKTV History (those of you who bother to read this stuff will know it’s one of my favourite channels) is doing a Blue Planet weekend. The Blue Planet is a nature documentary by ‘Old Aunt’ BBC about the water bodies of our planet, and the life in it. Best of all, it’s narrated by Sir David Attenborough, who symbolises the genre for me. Ever since I was a child watching the Discovery channel, and setting up my 60-kilo (seemed like that) JVC video camera on its tripod in front of the telly in a room darkened with pillows stuffed around the corners of the curtains where chinks of light were prone to escaping and ruining the quality of the recording at the exact spot when the pride of lions were settling in for a spot of luncheon on a still-struggling wildebeest because there was something wrong with the video recorder that had a tape eject mechanism that could kick like a mule and was just about as reliable as one too, I associated that calm voice with good viewing. I think he deserves a knighthood for his work. What? Ok, give him another then. Today I was nestled in the comfort of my sofa (it gives in welcomingly like a familiar lover. For imagery, think about the hippie girl in the sofa in ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’) with the long-distance television-operating-gadget and my copy of Sir David’s autobiography called ‘Life on Air’. Bliss! Also a quick thanks to the BBC for all the great documentaries.

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