Loss of an appendage

After cutting my lengthy locks for summer, I constantly reach up behind my head to feel the ‘phantom hair’ that’s no longer there. I think it’s now a bit too short, in a style that’s best described as a ‘neither-here-nor-there’. Amongst other things, my sister’s now joined the ranks of unemployed MSc holders. I’m not sure if McDonalds is planning to expand in India. But atleast they can reat assured that the talented labour pool is now in place.

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  1. jill

     /  27 June, 2005

    u’ve cut ur hair?!?!?!?!? will u have samson effects then?

  2. bingbing

     /  28 June, 2005


    i wanna see a pic of you now!!! your ‘neither-here-nor-there’ hair. but i am sure you are as handsome as before, aren’t you?

  3. Ok, go on, make fun of me!

  4. Jessy

     /  29 June, 2005

    Send me a picture of you and I will photoshop you to a handsome!

  5. The photoshop that can make me look good hasn’t been developed yet.

  6. Jessy

     /  30 June, 2005

    I can see you wandering millions of weblogs and photoblogs now! Why are you following me to everywhere I go ONLINE?


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