It’s coming up to 60 years since the atrocities were carried out in the name of freedom. This 6th of August will mark the day that, 60 years ago, the populations of two cities were subjected to almost total obliteration. I’m not sure where I stand on the “nuclear-free world” question; I do believe that nuclear power is a source of energy that we cannot afford to overlook. That would be tantamount to killing a snake simply because we fear it. However, wouldn’t it be better not to have a loaded gun in the house at all, rather than take the chance that the little kid (or jilted lover) will find and use it? I know, very simplistic illustrations to a complex problem, but it shows how ambiguous I can be 🙂
Surely we should be able to trust humankind to make the right decisions? Well…. look at this.

UN researchers predicted the current food crisis in Niger months ago. But only now, as millions face starvation and images of dying children sweep the news media, has the international community begun to respond with food aid, they say.

?It was very clear from October last year. We monitor this region very closely due to its vulnerability. The warnings were given very early,? says Jean Senahoun, of Global Information and Early Warning System in Rome, a part of the UN?s Food and Agriculture Organization.

Senahoun was among the researchers involved in the December 2004 special report on the Niger food forecast, which predicted the country would fall short of nearly 300,000 tonnes of food ? about 7% of the country?s total need ? before the next harvest in October 2005. The devastating failure of the October 2004 harvest was two-thirds due to severe droughts and one-third due to the locust infestation that swept through West Africa.

Despite the report?s firm recommendations, the spur for aid only came after BBC news footage in Niger was broadcast last week.

In the days of the first appeal, just $1 per day per individual could have offset crisis. But now it will take $80 to save each starving person.

Taken from New Scientist 26/07/05.

I watched Reservoir Dogs again t’other day. I remember how terrified I was of Mr.Blonde when I first saw it, because of his callousness in the scene where he chops the cop’s ear off. But this time I was laughing at his dance steps!!

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  1. bingbing

     /  26 July, 2005

    where is my comment? i did it,yeah, it is true!


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