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Dr Peter Kawalek, Senior Lecturer and all-round Good Person at MBS, is going to write a paper on action research he plans to conduct into weblogs. Here’s what I mentioned; any thoughts?

Going through my blog archives, a funny pattern emerges. I get the most comments (directly reflecting interest) on those topics where I manage to say something scandalous, controversial, or personal to my friends. If I just write what happened to me that day, interest seems to be zero.

So a canny blogger is one who makes his/her audience react. Reasons for wanting to be react are not uni-dimensional; perhaps the commentee wants to show off, perhaps commenting on your blog is prestigious, perhaps the topic demands reaction, etc.

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  1. His blog on blogs will be the blog of blog! I am looking forward to it!

  2. Hello Kamikazenaz, thank u for leaving a message on my webspace.
    You wrote “hey there N, seems like you’ve been looking no further than msn for good blogs. You must realise there’s more out there??”
    Well yeah I know there are good blogs outside of msn spaces but I don’t really know how to find them. I only managed to find the ones on my list so far because either the owners visited mine or their’s was linked to ‘recently updated’. I can’t be bothered to just sit there and search for a decent blog on google you know! It would take ages. As you seem to be knowledgeable in all things blog perhaps you could reccommend me some reads? Ta luv x

  3. Jessy

     /  28 July, 2005

    Is anyone trying to invade the MSN blogs too?


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