Ahhh, the Great Outback!

A rich woman was reaching the age of 50, and decided to finally take a break from her hectic life running her businesses and get married. However, she had one firm stipulation; the man she would marry must not have had sex with a woman before. Out went her minions in search of such a suitor. The scoured the continent, then looked further afield, taking out advertisements in newspapers in a hundered different languages, running spots on television channels, etc. Finally reaching Australia, they found one such man who had lived his life in the outback and had never so much as laid eyes upon a woman.
The rich woman asks him to confirm that he had never slept with a woman, and then agrees to go ahead and get married to him. On the wedding night, she goes to the bathroom to prepare herself and then enters the bridal chamber, only to find her brand-new husband standing naked in the middle of the room with all the furniture piled up in a corner. Taken aback, she demands an explanation for his behaviour. He says, “Well, I’ve never had sex with a woman before, but if it’s anything like sex with a kangaroo, I’m going to need all the room I can get”

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