Today’s treat for you

Today’s treat for you my little ones, is Sinosplice, a page of interesting links to blogs written by foreigners in China, Chinese people in China, and a few Chinese living abroad. As you might have guessed by now, the common theme is China 😛 I’ll be reviewing a few of the interesting ones soon, but I can already see quite a few really special ones. Some of the blogs have been blocked in China (they’re the ones with the beige background instead of white).

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  1. That is what I recommended to you (my little ones too) on my weblog.
    I tried to link myself to there but for some reason I am still not on their list.
    I think it is very interesting to see how other people live doing the same things as moving to another country/culture but with different direction as I am moving here and they are moving there!
    Some of them can write perfect, very local Chinese better than I do. Well, I am Cantonese; my mandarin is horrible as Bing Bing always says!

  2. Jessy

     /  23 August, 2005

    Diss is already boring enough. without any update from any weblog! oh.. Where am I going to live in this virtual world?!

  3. I believe they have a very strict QUALITY procedure for allowing blogs on their links. Obviously, you are not there, which means…


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