I AMsterdam

It’s flippin’ four o’clock here, can’t sleep at all. The flight was great, Amsterdam’s as great as ever. Early start tomorrow, cycling tour and whatnot. There’s a special display of Van Gogh’s sketches in the VG Museum. I’m nicking someone’s wireless internet connection 🙂 Back to pollinating blogs, and listening to music online. Oh, and I had spring chicken in Tarragon sauce (I’d never heard of tarragon before!) and it was flippin’ mind-blowing! And they had a real buttery taters mash with veggies in it. And I et it all! And I’m hungry now. The waitress brought us beer in little 250 ml glasses, so we (I) asked for bigger ones, and she said “Do you want pint glasses?” So the English have been here as well! We’re at the Arena hotel, great place! Free Internet and all 🙂 Should get some shut-eye.

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  1. jess

     /  28 August, 2005

    Are you bored?
    Are you lonely?
    Is it another sleepless night?
    Thinking about friends maybe?
    Why not comment on Jessy’s weblog. It is fun and meaningful! Get rid of your boredom and loneliness and stay touch with all your friends! Don’t wait. Do it now.

    (the sleepless night must because of the dissertation!)

  2. Miss Y

     /  28 August, 2005

    Lucky you!! Have a great time in Amsterdam!

  3. Ioannis

     /  28 August, 2005

    Jess might need to become out MD.

    Never been to Amsterdam before, I want to go. Hopefully, no sleepless nights when I do.

  4. the mysterious chicken

     /  29 August, 2005

    why are you hungry naz? what could make you so hungry?? hmmmmmmm

  5. Dunno, maybe trying to catch that very ‘mysterious’ chicken? Or maybe all the fresh air is giving me an appetite 🙂


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