Have you had an accident?

A dream scenario:-
“I was acting in an advert for a stupid injury claims company when I fell off a ladder while attempting to imitate some stupid oaf claimant who fell off his ladder because he was too daft to make sure the legs wouldn’t slip. I injured my back severely, and wasn’t able to do any more wooden acting for 3 months. I called the stupid injury claims company, and they successfully sued themselves on my behalf. I got the grand sum of £3,540″
Only people with TV’s will get this (although ownership of a televisual apparatus doesn’t ensure understanding of this post). I hate these ‘injury claim’ ads, although I got 1000 squid claiming after I had an accident in my friend’s car and “suffered severe whiplash injuries to the neck” !

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  1. A dream scenario: “Naz was sitting at his desk one day when he decided to work on his dissertation instead of his blog. The shock overwhelmed him and he collapsed into a jibbering heap on the floor. His insurance company awarded him a distinction as compensation for his trauma.”
    You too can be like Naz. 😛

  2. Jessy

     /  6 September, 2005

    We are poor people that don’t have time for TV and money to buy a TV or TV license either!
    Sorry we don’t understand your world of TV and dream scenario!

  3. hell yeah

     /  7 September, 2005

    Dream scenario: I am sun bathing on a white sandy beach drooling over hot, might as well be naked, men (MEN that is) running across the scene. Whilst back in K2 there’s slave labour working on my disso with jessy whom i’ve put in charge of whipping them to type faster and faster. MMUUAAHHAAHAA HAAA HAA !!!

  4. jessy

     /  7 September, 2005

    Someone is very high at 3am in the morning without red bull!

  5. Ioannis

     /  8 September, 2005

    Naz, your scenario made me laugh really hard, even though I don’t own a TV. Sued themselves. Really funny.

  6. No idea who you are, but I was sent here to destroy you by Ioannis, and I have to say, that is very funny.

    Good luck with the disso eveyone 🙂


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