Free music

“Where people are free there is music” – a line from the film ‘The Second Heimat’. Just thought it was nice. By the way, we (Helgi, Jana, Rayk & I) went to the Cornerhouse to watch the film ‘Last Days’. It’s the third of the trilogy by director Gus Van Sant. Loosely based upon Kurt Cobain of Nirvana fame. And we can say this to all, don’t go. Bloody boring, but we managed to get a few laughs out of it. Like how atleast this movie, being the third and final part, had an end to it. But the sufferers who sat through the first and second parts were denied even that pleasure. And you’d expect some decent music in the soundtrtack, wouldn’t you?? No, for some reason GVS thinks operatic music would give a ‘feel’ to his still camera shots. The only ‘feel’ I got was a pain in the old backside from sitting through that interminable film.

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