Then it must be OKTOBERFEST!!! Just got off the blower with my ATM, sorry, dad, so glad to talk to him and find out how he is, etc. (money money). Apparently many moons ago he went to beer land as well, and when I delicately broached the subject of sponsorship, he said eats and drinks are all free at the festival. Like I mentioned; MANY, MANY moons ago. Having gently been reminded of the fact that this happens to be 2005, he parted with some funds. Yippee. Munich is ON, I repeat ON. The eagle has taken off!!! The dolphin is swimming!!! The pied wagtail is wagging its tail!!! Houston, we are ok, I repeat, OK to go!

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  1. Tinks

     /  20 September, 2005

    My mother said she’ll give me some £££ for the trip…plus grandma’s funding… yeah!!! We will need to get insurance too mum said.


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