The noose is tightening

I feeeeel each day, is slip-slipping a..way! Tinks and mua went to the Academy today to grab free loot from the freshers’ fair. (We’re going again tomorrow, so call us if you wanna get organised.) I just realised what I would be missing soon. A blog I was reading really hit home then; the man really made sense. I guess I’ll be visiting there quite often now. Ahh, of course, almost forgot to tell you sorry lot where to find this lovely blog. He’s (obviously male, because it’s funny and interesting) got some really good stuff. But the Useless Advice article should start you off. Now there’s a desparate struggle going on for soon-to-be ex-students to source a student card so that the fun may long continue. I’ve managed it, but I’m not telling how!!

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  1. Jessy

     /  20 September, 2005

    I was hanging around the student union in Sheffield to grab freebies for fresher. I particularly like a fresher bag, which I didn’t get. I will show you guys if I manage to get one in the next three days.
    As for tomorrow, if you could get something useful please take me one. Otherwise, I don’t want to end up with so many paper rubbish in my room.

  2. Jessy

     /  20 September, 2005

    You do seem have some nice pictures! serious this time!

  3. Ioannis

     /  20 September, 2005

    Good attempt to get me interested by saying you got a student card there…

  4. Mebbe I do, mebbe I don’t. You’ll just have to be extra nice to me to find out. Let’s start with a couple of presents. Hmmm, a crate of beer would go down just fine. And then, let’s see, another crate of beer.

  5. bingbing

     /  21 September, 2005

    I remembered that Nazy said he forgot his shorts that day ,and wanted to swim without anything. Did he, who can tell me? haha !
    Naz, did you see the two black fishes, one is you, and the other is Rayk!!


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