Okay, I’m just here for a random outburst of verbal haemorrhage! First of all, United lost to Blackburn, shame. Owen’s doing well for himself as I always knew he would.

We went to Tai Wu on Thursday, were seated in the buffet hall underground along one side of the hall. There were a lot of people. We managed to talk to some of the newbies, I forgot to mention Ina’s charitable act of donation. We discussed the issue of passing on the isom weblog to the new generation, but PK wasn’t there to offer to pay for it. Also we needed IT Support as well to thrash out the details, and how much we were going to relinquish control of what essentially is our online home. We went out after that for a couple of amphoras of nectar with some of the newbies, CCRM did the same so we hooked up in town. Then details start to get a bit hazy….

We’re going to see Howl’s Moving Castle at the Cornerhouse now, must be v.good.

Deutsche Boy has sent an email, here are some snippets.

Your personal driver will pick you up there in order to take you safely and entertained by good music to Bavaria-capital Munich.

I suggest hiking as we give Tinks the opportunity to balance the calories which she’s going to consume here. (We cannot let her get fatter anymore, can we?).

We could stay there overnight at a Hütte/hut, to enjoy the nature and quietness with chilled beer and proper Bavarian food. (overnight costs around 15 Euro – estimated).

O.k. any questions? Yes, what to bring: sleeping bags, good shoes for hiking, mini-skirt, warm clothes (if we stay overnight in the alpes).

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  1. I am already into talks to share the ISOM space with the newbies, but of course I want invitations to their outings in return! I will negotiate hard.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I am back from Amsterdam and my ‘interesting’ holiday/work weekend has been blogged 🙂

  3. tinks

     /  25 September, 2005

    I can’t wait till thursday, so excited I can’t sleep. I’m gona start packing tomorrow.


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