I’ll be alright, never you mind.

There used to be a time when I had friends all around, laughing and whatnot. Then they found out I had a deadly disease called “Disso”. I guess it’s true what them song says, ain’t nobody knows you when you’re down and out. (SIGH!!) I’m gonna have to deal with it myself now. The lord god he knows I could’ve done with a helping hand. But it’s my bed and it’s what as I’m gonna lie in. Truth be told, I never trusted them fair feathered fair weather folk anyhow.

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  1. I think you’ll find that these `fair weather friends` are subtly trying to encourage you to do some work so they can’t be blamed when you have 14,000 words to conjure up on the night before the deadline. On the plus side, shed a few tears and maybe someone will come over and cook for you. Like, `someone` whose boyfriend is currently living the jetset life in Dubai! 😉

  2. Ioannis

     /  29 September, 2005

    Actually, Jessy’s cooking is not a blessing. Either way, Naz’s dissertation might prove to be the biggest comedy this year. Best of luck!


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