Ernst and Young..

or Ernie and Junior, as they’re known to me! They have a career presentation today at the Palace Hotel, which I’ve managed to book myself for even though it clashes partly with Liverpool’s game tonight (who says I’m not devoted to finding a job). Free food and booze, can’t go wrong, I figure. Let’s see what they can do to entice me into their fold. Hefty paycheck, personal palm pilot, company car….”Bring on the dancing girls!!” (-lines of a much-loved Roman orgy-minded character from Asterix comics)

I watched a program on the fernsehen apparat about comic making. I can draw, but not so good, so if there are any artists out there, give me a shout. With my wacky humour, and your hard labour, we can get a cult comic going, and I, erm, we, that is, we can make lots of money.

Ok, while trawling the net with god to find some illustration of dancing girls from Asterix to go with my oh-so-humourous piece above, I found this guy Dave Roman displaying his cartoons on t’web. Great stuff. ‘Agnes Quill’ is nice and dark, and for the soppy girls, there’s ‘How we got engaged’. But most of all I love Astronaut Elementary. Yippee!

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  1. I can’t draw either, unfortunatly. I was just going to nick other peoples… or you could always do it in MS paint.


  2. bingbing

     /  20 October, 2005

    happy birthday to our big brother —-Naz!!!
    from bingbing

  3. Oh dearest Bingboula, thank you!! But didn’t you know I also expect presents??

  4. Anonymous

     /  18 November, 2005

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