Things they gonna be different round here

As some of you may know, this weblog will soon be shifting to another site. What this means is that:-
1) I will no longer be piggy-backing on our isom site, as I have been deemed old enough to stop suckling and go foraging for myself.
2) Errr, that’s about it.
Of course, you junkies will have to type in a new URL (that be the wwwww thingy you type in the browser), it’s going to be (I can’t type the real add here untill I’ve got it in case some jealous nobody buys it and then tries to sell it to me at an exhorbitant price that may or may not include the sale of mine grandmother dear)

Jill and I heard some real blasts-from-the-past at Ioannie’s yesterday. We went ASDA shopping, and bought 3 pizzas for dinner, as well as a gorgeous pesto’n’cheese ciabatta. Which we sat down to eat while having a moan about life, washed down with Bud. Then we went through I’s music files. Songs like

‘Mr Vain’ by Culture Beat,
‘Viva forever’ by Spice girls with Pavarotti,
‘Rhythm is a dancer’ by Snap, ‘It’s a rainy day’ by Ice MC ,
‘Reach for the stars’ by S Club 7,
‘No limit’ by 2Unlimited,
‘That’s why (you go away)’ by Michael Learns To Rock or MLTR as I’m told they are currently known.

It were a right riot, I tell thee!!!
(As a sidenote, I see on the official MLTR page that they’ve just had 50, 000 fans come to their concert in India this October).

I watched Shrek yesterday after I got home, didn’t find it much funny apart from a few classic Eddie Murphy moments (like when Donkey’s twitching before waking up he goes “Yeah baby, you know I like that” in his dream!). I could see in my mindseye little children roaring outrageously at the karate stunts of Princess Fiona (if that is indeed her real name) for example, but it just looked too manufactured to me.

By the way, if you look to the left of this blog, you will see my new tagline (in the little puke-yellow box). This is what I used to get threatened with as a kid. Rather counter-intuitive, dontchathink? Another Indian proverb = “Agree, don’t agree, I’m your guest” which is about those sticky guests that invite themselves to stay. And for balance, a Russian one = “Without rest, and a horse doesn’t skip” (I’m laughing as I write this) which means ‘all work and no play…’

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  1. Once again, Naz’s words have had en emotional impact on me… Pizza and cheesy music: I miss Yanni’s room in Leamington!:( Did you have a pizza cycle going, whereby as soon as one came out the microwave, another went in whilst you quickly scoffed the first? Or is that just Yanni? 🙂

  2. Jill

     /  9 November, 2005

    ohmygod n i thought the pizza cycle trick was merely due to logistical constraints…. its actually a ioannis thing!!! naz, dun forget german barbie girl… i was just disappointed that he had no NKOTB….

  3. Oh! how could I forget ‘I’m a Barbie Girl’ in German?? I must get Ioannis to send it to me!! And the cyclic method of pizza preparation means that you manage to get a lot more down you. We had a three course pizza meal, and then a slice of pizza for dessert.

  4. Anonymous

     /  18 November, 2005

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