A quick tour of China

I’ve been taking a quick tour of China-related blogs using my special web-resource called China blog list.
I found a very funny home-made video by a student at Cornell uni.
I also drifted in on a Chinese Calendar. (I love the web. This Chinese calendar, as you can see from the top-left corner of the site, is a Scotland On-line production!!). I was born in the Year of the Snake, so apparently I am

…romantic and deep-thinking, wise and charming, although they tend to dismiss others too quickly and are a bit stingy with money. Ideal jobs include teaching or psychiatry.

Amongst other famous people born this year are Val Doonican and Sir Roger Banister. Sorry, WHO??
Apart from taking insult at that “stingy with money” bit, I also wonder how does it work out that one year everybody has the same characteristics?? I am reminded of a killer scene from Life of Brian, where Brian is born a Capricorn.

Brian’s mother: What star sign is he?
Wise Man #2: Capricorn.
Brian’s mother: Capricorn, eh? What are they like?
Wise Man #2: He is the son of God, our Messiah.
Wise Man #1: King of the Jews.
Brian’s mother: And that’s Capricorn, is it?
Wise Man #3: No, no, that’s just him.
Brian’s mother: Oh, I was going to say, otherwise there’d be a lot of them.

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  1. ” If you are born in the Year of the Monkey, you are very intelligent, well-liked by everyone, and will have success in any field you choose. Lucky old you!” Guess which year I am? Go on, guess. Guess. 🙂 I think this art of Chinese year thingies must be incredibly accurate!

  2. jessy

     /  17 November, 2005

    It was me how introduced you this nice blog that you keep mentioning on your blog!

  3. Anonymous

     /  18 November, 2005

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