My weekend in prose

Highlight of the weekend was, of course, the double victory: England beating Argentina in a most unbelievable cliff-hanger of a ride (Rooney scored, Owen twice, so why again do we have Crouch on the pitch??) as well as The Lions beating the Kiwis 38-12, which gives them a chance in the Tri-Nation finals.

Was listening to Jonathan Ross over the radio this weekend, he played a Benny Hill song which had a line that goes something like this
“You were whispering sweet nothings,
She was whispering nothing-doings”
which really cracked me up. I couldn’t find that song on t’Net, so I cannae guarantee the accuracy of the lyrics because it were right early int morning an’ all.

I watched T’ Last Samurai (again), and if you happened to peep into my bedroom late that night you would chance upon a nekkid Robinson Crusoe-esque character swirling and cavorting about with an Ikea cupboard rod in poses that would embarass the most stalwart of Japanese sword-instructors. Ah, but I do tend to get carried away with that film. And the beauty of Japan is breathtaking in that film, especially as one is constantly reminded of the ever-present duality of modernism and traditionalism in that country.

Also obtained a most delectable little book called ‘Driving over lemons: An optimist in Andalucia’ which is quite a pleasant, feel-good read.

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  1. Ioannis

     /  14 November, 2005

    Quite a concise description of the weekend, I must say…

  2. Thank you. I particularly like the part where I put the picture of a naked me in everyone’s mind 😛


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