Willkommen zu Nazmania

Ok, the festivities are over, I’m back to my old tricks again. A big thanks to all those who made it a special season, and an official notification to those who did not; you are now on The List.
This being the New Year according to some Gregorian chaps I’ve never met, it is necessary to make some resolutions. Hence, I resolve not to shoot any foxes, nor will I ever buy a 140-foot yacht. I hope I will find the strength in my inner beliefs and convictions to stick to these resolutions.

Remember those red plastic binocular thingies we used to have as kids, in which you inserted a round cardboard dial that had tiny film slides on it, and we used to see wonderful places around the world? What was it called, and more importantly, what has happened to it? (I don’t want silly answers like “The internet happened to it”, or “They never introduced slides with smutty pictures so it obviously died out”.)

On a happier note, after an hour-long televisual tour of churches brought on by the festive season and the birthday of Christmas, I am reminded of old Homer (the philosopher, not the Iliad bloke) who said -“I may not know much about Jebus, but I think we built him a pretty nice cage”

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  1. jessy

     /  4 January, 2006

    Welcome back! Time to lose weight again!

  2. I remember those binocular thingies. But, alas, I cannot remember what they were called. The only pictures I had for it were of Stingray and I used to look through it with wonder for months. Anyway … have a fantastic new year. I hope it is a good one 🙂

  3. Yannis

     /  18 February, 2006

    It is called VIEWMASTER my friend and it is my addiction!I have the binocular thing and more than a hundred films in Athens my friend.I have films from cartoons and football mathces to changing the guard at Buckingham Palace and classical novels!I let nobody to touch them,but if you are interested I can arrange to bring them with me next time.I am collecting since I was three (!) and I can still find some (very rarely though) in airports!!!What did you remind me my friend!It was the whole magical world of my childhood!


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