Gogol Bordello

There’s this hilarious band called Gogol Bordello that describe themselves as Gypsy Punk, with loads of digs at Soviet musik!! I remember hearing a song of theirs called “It was alright in the past”, and today Radio 1 played another called “Start wearing purple”. Absolutely cracking! The website’s bloody annoyingly slow though.

Am I the only one who gets annoyed by shabby/loud ads?? (No you’re not, says Google. 199,000 for “annoying ads” in the UK alone!) There’s one for Sandals holidays that has a woman singing like a banshee, whooping the song and charging and swooping up and down the scales. I guess she wanted to display her full repertoire in the 5 seconds she had. But that’s when you can never hit the remote fast enough!

I watched ‘Derailed’ yesterday with Ms X, had a wonderful time. The cinema was a kind of default choice as it was raining, so I wasn’t really looking forward to it, atleast in the cinematic entertainment department 🙂 But I was pleasantly surprised when the film actually had loads of murder/suspense/rape/beatings. Whoa! that didn’t come out right! But it was a good film, so I recommend it. There.

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  1. Ioannis

     /  24 February, 2006

    Cinema with Ms X huh? Muhahaha.

  2. well which film was it then? go on spill.


  3. Is that the film with Jennifer-I-Can’t-stand-her-Anniston? Or have the copius amounts of trailers I’ve been exposed to lately in my boring life just all merged into one big grinning Anniston face?!

  4. jesssy

     /  25 February, 2006

    Interesting, I wasn’t there watching the movie with you! so who else can be Miss X?!

  1. The Nazmanian Devil

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