Bon Voyage

Two good friends of mine, Ana and Papitu (my erstwhile “Spanish Connections” in Manchester) are going to visit South America for a couple of months: Chile, Bolivia and Peru. I wish them loads of luck in their travels to the post box with postcards addressed to me with stamps of exotic fauna, and I guess I should say I hope they enjoy the rest of their time there too.

Viva! – The Spanish-and-Latin-American film festival is coming to The Cornerhouse, there are some nice films I wanna watch. I watched ‘Munich’ yesterday with Ms X again, a bit sentimental, but an admirable job by Stevie (Steven Spielberg to you) in keeping it neutral. Also the casting of the main character was inspired, they really got the right person. because it was in a way an historical recounting, it had to be shot in period settings. I especially enjoyed seeing Cyprus with Communist and Orthodox posters stuck on the walls.

I’m reading Mario Puzo at the moment, a book called Fools Die (how corny!). He has a mesmeric way of making you identify with characters; in fact, I believe the main man Merlyn is actually a less-neurotic me!!

I logged on to MSN thanks to a certain PhD student letting me in to her private office :), and managed to chat with Helgi (an ex-MBS colleague from Iceland) after a long time.

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  1. Ioannis

     /  2 March, 2006

    As if I was gonna watch Spielberg telling us about the second world war and related matters again. When will the Palestinians make a good film?


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