Mickey in China / h5N1

I have a lot of nice online friends who leave heart-warming comments like “This is very information site” and “This website is very wonderful and colorful, thanks”. All from the same teen-porn site URL. Ah well, at least the kind people who wanted to increase my, ahem, length and girth have stopped calling.

The Rolling Stones are planning to play in China. Apparently they had to remove 5 songs from their intended playlist to satisfy the “officials”. But for once the young rebels won’t mind, as their show is gonna be livecast around the country, thereby opening up a huge market of people who’ve never heard of them, and therefore might actually buy some records thinking it’s a slice of capitalist freedom they’re buying. What’s a little censure then, eh Mickey?

I watched ‘Ice Age 2’ with the lady yesterday, (I see Rachey’s done it too) it was a real hoot! I must admit I didn’t fancy the idea of sitting in a cinema packed with little monsters running around and eating popcorn and kicking the seats, but amazingly none of the brats were around! I remember when I was young, it was the X-rated ones I was trying to get into, not bloody U-certificate. But the movie was ab-fab! The studio guys realised we wanted more of the little mouse guy chasing the acorn, and they delivered!! The possums were funny, and sloth always is good for a few laughs.

Oh, and did you know there’s a licence plate up for sale on e-bay or summat. Nothing new, except the plate is H5N1. Yes, you can drive round being “Bird Flu Man” (not as catchy as some superheroes, but them bloody swans will sure give you a wide berth).
p.s. I couldn’t find it myself, being too poor to shop on the world’s biggest supermarket, but this fact was announced on BBC, so it must be true.

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  1. Aah, so it’s not just me who the kidsporn.net are complimenting then?! Gutted.

  2. The Rolling Stones are goingto be quite happy – similar to the people livecasting them and selling prime time advertising during this (censored) “rebel” show. Of course the officials are going to be the happiest because they seem to be gaining acceptance without giving in to anyone. Not even Mickey.


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