Haven’t had an update from me in a while!!

Had a great time at the F.A. Cup Final, the beer did a-flow and the game was a real cliffhanger. Now I’m supposed to be looking for jobs, but this huge guy has just sat next to me and he reeks to high heaven of piss!! I can’t breathe, and even though I’ve got an hour’s worth of computer time left, I can’t really go on. Jeeezz!! Have a fucking bath Piggo!!
I’ve got the French movie ‘L’Appartement’ from the library; it’s one of my faves with Vincent Cassell and (I only realised now) Monica Belucci. She was in a movie I watched last night as well, ‘Under suspicion’ with Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman (both of whom were also the executive producers of that flick).

Later: Ok, now Piggysaurus leaves, with 8 mins to go!!! And some Angel switched on the cooler to blow all his reeking sweat my way!!!

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  1. This guy Naz…He wasn’t asking you questions like “Why do you want this job?” was he. 😛

  2. No, I meant next to me at the EasyJet computer place

  3. EasyInternet Cafe I mean

  4. Sounds like it should be in Amsterdam. 😉

  5. Piggysaurus sounds like such a charmer. Why the hell didn’t you get me his number?

  6. Well at least you weren’t in a lift. Or in one of those new and trendy Internet Cafe Lifts: “For the compulsive email addicts of today”


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