Par-duh-n me?

Yesterday evening I left the telly running while I was rustling up some Indian veggie food in the kitchen. Imagine my surprise when an advertisement (that’s all I pay attention to) for what appeared to be “Tropicana g-strings for kids” could be heard blaring in my living room. Now, let me inform you, my dear reader, that I am if anything a liberalist at heart, and far be it for me to stop anyone from enjoying their rights. But surely this was one step too far? We’ve thrown little make-up sets, barbie dolls, fashion glitters, and what-not else at kids (as any afternoon viewer of telly like meself knows), but the line must be drawn somewhere! G-strings indeed!! I had really worked myself up by the time I reached the living room!!
What it actually said was “Juice drinks for kids”.
Oh well, this missionary can wait for another cause to come along!!

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  1. I always thought that advert for cheese-strings was for something far more sordid until I actually bothered to glance at the screen! I’m sure it must be deliberate!

  2. Tropical ones, eh? I thought they only did them in cola and strawberry.


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