Cut ‘n’ paste horoscope / Drum-Tech

I was musing over today’s sudoku in the Metro newspaper (completed in just over 4 mins) when I happened to glance at the horoscope section. I’m Libra, and the one before me as well as the two after me had the same advice in more-or-less the same words – “If something is nagging you, it’s because of what happened in December”. That’s really shoddy work, no effort at all. I looked at the rest, and he/she must have simply looked at the weather report and gone – “They’ll all be bloody miserable today”.

Better news, my kid sister has been accepted at London’s Drum-Tech School so you’ll soon be hearing about her manic exploits and what-not.

Oh, and my phone is back from surgery; I have to go pick it up and nurse it back to full ruddy health. Although I’m paying insurance every flipping week, it’s gonna cost me £25 ‘excess’. Considering that I’ve been paying £7 into their kitty for 7 months now, and that the phone unit must cost them less than £25 to buy, they’ve made a minkey out of me AND made £50 in the bargain. Hats off to Vodaphone Anal Intruders Limited.

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