Wimbledon Women / My gig

Ah, tennis!! Specifically, Wimbledon. More precisely, Women’s Wimbledon :). I don’t know about you but some real funny names are creeping into the game. I remember sleaze-connoisseur Rory McGrath joking on the telly show ‘They think it’s all over’ about how his “Hand took over” when he saw Daniela Hantuchova. I’m not saying I mirror the sentiment, I’m merely reporting.
I played my first gig (as a drummer; my first gig as an adult entertainer was waay back when) last Wednesday when Sha and I found ourselves in the Iguana bar in Chorlton. I got talking to a guy called Steve who sat at our table. He was playing bass for the reggae band that was tuning up on stage after the stupid poetress had finally buggered off, and I commented on the fact that although the drum kit was set up, there appeared to be no drummer in sight. I think I also slipped in the fact that I was of the same trade myself. So when they got playing, Steve started winking at me and motioning me on stage, and I played reluctant till it became obvious that I was begged to play so if I was shite it wasn’t my fault. I then stepped up and got a few songs in. Now reggae is not what I usually play; ask any drummer and they’ll tell you it’s quite the opposite of rock and difficult to play if not practiced. So I had to keep my mind on the job my bass foot was doing, which didn’t leave much room for fancy work. But I think I managed okay. The drum kit itself was weird; the snare was the size of an elephant’s ear (and I’m talking BIG elephants), the two toms were huge as well, and there was no ride cymbal. I had only the hi-hats and a small crash to work with, which were of a damn poor quality. So, if I sucked big time, there’s the reason.

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  1. jessy

     /  4 July, 2006

    Why were us invited to your “big elephant” band? Are they looking for someone to sing as well? I think my “rock and roll” voice can go well with your drum.

  2. Ioannis

     /  4 July, 2006

    Well done on your first gig.


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