Silly Movie Day

Yesterday was Silly Movie Day at Jessy’s pad. Ioannis had rented ‘Austin Powers – The spy who shagged me’ while I brought (the much superior) ‘Team America’. It was a novel documentary about terrorism, global domination and foul language, all told through the media of puppetry and music. Having watched it earlier, I didn’t realise how much of my enjoyment of the film stemmed from the ridiculously brilliant songs. And where, even in a billion dollar Hollywood blockbuster, will you get such brilliant scenes of a shark attacking Hans Blix or black panthers marauding some F.A.G actors (Danny Glover and Sean Penn, I think). Fantabulousa!!
I’ve picked up ‘Zorba The Greek’ to join my classics section, so far the first chapter is pretty much what I expected, except one character (Zorba himself, actually) speaks like a typical Greek with all sorts of fits and bursts of Exclamations!! and Proclamations!!

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  1. jessy

     /  8 July, 2006

    Team American was a very good one! I will certainly watch it again!

  2. Is Zorba always late as well?!

  3. Team America is a classic. I love it.

    I am back blogging again btw

  4. Where has Naz gone?!


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