Meanwhile in Beirut..

My friend called me up today, he’s been hyper ever since the Israelis started their mass murder, but today apparently they were bombing his village where he was born and he was sat in front of telly watching it. I didn’t know what I could do about it, and felt mildly angered because what could I say? I’m sickened, not by the Israelis anymore, because we all know they are barely civilised, but by the cowardly behaviour of everybody else who need to step in and give them a good hiding. These are typical schoolyard bullies that we expect our children to be able to handle at school, but we ourselves mumble and shuffle our feet and then turn a blind eye to.

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  1. “we dont know what we are fighting for?” – Nerina Pallot

  2. I had to turn off the news the other night because it made me cry. I bloody hate what’s happening.

  3. Wwy would US or UK governments risk soldiers’ lives if it’s not for oil? These ‘superpowers’ had better hope they don’t need the intervention of somebody else one day.

  4. Ioannis

     /  21 July, 2006

    If only you could read Greek. I posted a relevant speech on my blog. A snippet:

    Till yesterday, still following the common views, I believed myself that violence and war have as their basic causes financial interests, religious and national fanatisms, and such other things.

    Today I am sure that all of these are deeply nothing but excuses, and that the basic cause from which the urge for conquer and blood stems is within human himself. To elaborate, what I mean is that the inhumanity increases while human becomes more and more civilised. What this effectively means is that civilisation is nothing but a cover for our real self, which remains eternally uncivilised and monsterous.

    He goes on to compare the inhumanity of the Nazi disaster – something that happened within the most advanced society of the time, a society that admired art and played classical music during mass executions through torture – with today’s advancement of the society of the United States.

    We see therefore that sixty years after the Demon Hitler who in four years had the pleasure to kill 80 million people, of whom more than 30 by torture, we have a new Demon of War, on one side spreading death and on the other providing to millions of people the well known primitive hedonism and helping them surface the uncivilized side of themselves. All of these people who drill happiness from seeing whole cities demolished to rumble and from imagining children and women dying in fire and rumble.

    We see therefore that yet another civilised and advanced country, and its civilised and advanced people, are transformed in bewildered animals who gain joy from the pain of others, have a thirst for blood and disaster. They are just human beings like you and me, but just had a chance to surface their real self, a monster worse than any other found in nature.

    This was on the first of July.

  5. And here was me thinking the Greeks didn’t care about anything beyond Greece. I think this speech shows more empathy than I’ve so far seen from any so-called ‘civilised’ country.


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