15 August 1947

..was the day India threw off the shackles of British rule and became independent. India was now able to make its own mistakes without foreign interference. Now that it had British electricity networks, railways and other trifling stuff.
Anyhoo, my sister’s now in London, she’s played her auditions yesterday, so we all shall keep our fingers crossed. She has to beat 14 other hopefuls for a scholarship, and by her own admission she didn’t do the music-reading part of the test very well, so we’ll have to hope for a miracle. That, or we’ll have to sabotage the other 14 with food poisoning like (apparently, allegedly, supposedly, according to Bob) Arsenal did to Tottenham in May in order to gain fourth place.
I (along with some friends including Yannis Aivalakis from London) will be taking a look tomorrow at the first game England will play under new manager Steve McLaren against Greece, and Ioannis is having a house-heating party on Thursday now that the shelves are up (I don’t know if he’s got a sofa yet). It’s funny how ordinarily, upon walking into a new house with shelves on the wall, one would not hesitate to lean against them bringing one’s full weight to bear upon them. But having drilled the holes ourselves, and having screwed the brackets in ourselves, we are treating the shelves with considerably more delicacy.

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  1. Ioannis

     /  15 August, 2006

    No sofa yet, wait till Friday.

    Good luck to your sister.

    As for the shelves… After this DIY attempt I will never trust a shelf again.


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