Today we shall be talking about Death

No, not the death metal group Death, but real and virtual death.

1. Steve Irwin has died filming off the coast off Queensland. He was stung by a stingray straight through the heart.
Well, you can’t say a sudden death by natural causes wasn’t realistically on the cards for him; as my good friends at remind me, luck only lasts a lifetime if you die young. Odd though, that it was a stingray that got him, because as far as I know they’re not the deadliest of things swarming about on that continent. Although a six inch poisonous barb through the heart will do it for anyone, I guess.
Gone are the days when David Attenborough reluctantly put himself in front of the camera in order for viewers at home to get an idea of the scale of the animals. To him, the animal was the star and anything that detracted from it was to be avoided. Hence the hushed, reverent tone he used. Cut to modern day presenters Steve Irwin, Austin Stevens, etc. hassling and terrifying a poor animal to get the dynamic shots demanded of them, and you realise this can only end in grief. While they may have good intentions of simply photographing the animal, for all intents and purposes the cornered animal is saying his last prayers and either preparing for a final glorious battle to death, or simply curling up and hoping the end won’t be too painful. I’m not blaming these guys; I rather like them and their shows. I’m simply commenting on the state of affairs.

2. Dubyah Bush is going to be assassinated on Channel Four. Shot by a Syrian assassin.
It has provoked the usual outrage that it must have hoped to provoke, but there is an interesting side to how events might pan out following this. Similarly, Frederick Forsyth had written a novel before the 2nd Gulf War about how the presence of Saddam Hussein was not actually unwanted by the West as a stabilising influence, and that there were fears about who would slide in to fill the power vaccuum after he was eliminated. Better the Devil you know..?

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  1. Alligators worldwide must be breathing a sigh of relief! Poor guy though; what a way to go.


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