Time flies when you’re busy…

…or so they say. But I wouldn’t know!!

Been banging off applications, got another interview Wednesday (why is it always Wednesday?). Another application wants a Russki-speaker, so I was in like a shot.

Lulu’s settling in fine, although I am kind of concerned about her apparent lack of bowel movement. I hope she’s not hiding a pile of the stuff away in some secret corner of the house. I’ve already caught a whiff of something pungent.


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  1. Good luck from a fellow poor person! Aand maybe try washing your feet? 😛

  2. Sha

     /  14 October, 2006

    I am very glad she (Lulu) likes me 🙂

  3. Ioannis

     /  15 October, 2006

    Good luck with the applications.


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