A life-death gamble

Shasha took Ali and I in her car to ASDA and InStore so Ali could buy some stuff for his new place. We both buckled ourselves in tight, and crossed every crossable part of our body. And we made it there AND back safely. The Gods must have been smiling!!

Naw, she’s not that bad. She’s now a Confident, Mature Young Woman Making Things Happen and Moving Forward In Life.

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  1. Ioannis

     /  14 November, 2006

    You forgot the capital f in forward.

    How can someone be young and mature? AND confident? Surely if you are young one sign of maturity is your lack of confidence – you wouldn’t trust a young and inexperienced person so why would you trust yourself?

    naz: I took care of that errant f

  2. The one time Naz leaves a compliment and you have to go and spoilt it Yanni! Tut tut. 😛

  3. jill

     /  14 November, 2006

    surely u’ve sampled tinks’ driving?? which is worse?


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