Manchurian Mozarella

Watched The Manchurian Candidate yesterday, it was a really engrossing film. Missed England v Holland though. The next game is far away in February!

Nothing much to write about today, so I’ll set my readers a challenge. Can anybody write a song about mozarella to the tune of the great dance-floor favourite “Hey Macarena!” by the pervy Los Del Rio. I’m obviously envisaging something along the lines of “Hey, Mozarella!”, but you can do the rest.

Still reading Catch 22. Two lieutenants are ordered to take Major Danby outside and shoot him.

The two young lieutenants nodded lumpishly and gaped at each other in stunned and flaccid retulance, each waiting for the other to initiate the procedure of taking Major Danby outside and shooting him. Neither had ever taken Major Danby outside and shot him before.

And here’s another good one. Yossarian runs to the hospital with a “liver complaint” whenever he doesn’t feel like flying bombing missions and being shot at.

Yossarian owed his good health to exercise, fresh air, teamwork and good sportsmanship; it was to get away from them all that he had first discovered the hospital.

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  1. Yazz

     /  17 November, 2006

    I love my cheese, es-pe-cial-ly mozarella
    I can eat it for breakfast, I can eat it for dinna’
    Unlike your chicken, it won’t give you salmonella,
    Hey mozarella!

    naz: By virtue of its absolute greatness as well as its singularity, this entry wins first prize.

  2. Yazz

     /  17 November, 2006

    Oh and also, you need to add a link back to the home page from the ‘add-your-comments’ section
    – Your geeky sister, who knows the technical terms for everything…

  3. How do you think these things up Naz?!

    naz: If you’re referring to “Hey Mozzarella!” , well yesterday morning, for no obvious reason I found myself singing “Hey Macarena!”. Then I changed it to “Hey Mozarella!” Just like that. My sister is well acquainted with this process of canibalizing songs.


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