Musings over bacon tea…

I’m amazed how few blogs I actually have about music. Especially blogs from Naz The Recommender, who just has to let you imbeciles know what real music is.

I also wonder how it is everybody knows that when you’re told the electrician will visit between 8-12 in the morning, he’ll turn up at approximately 11:45. If at all.

By the way, bacon tea is Lapsung Chowsung or whatever its fancy name is. It smells of smoked bacon. But you knew that didn’t you Ioannis?

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  1. Is bacon tea your way of being super lazy about making breakfast?! Reminds me of the ever-changing flavoured bubble gum in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! 🙂

  2. u mean Take That is not real music?? damn…..
    electrician? surely u DIY 🙂

  3. Ioannis

     /  27 November, 2006

    And he didn’t come indeed.

  4. I think Naz the Music Recommender would be a great idea since u r ‘comparably’ ONE of the most musically exposed person here (of course I come top here) 😛

  5. Musically exposed?? Is that like playing an instrument in the noody??

  6. jessy

     /  29 November, 2006

    Ioannis has learned this new and powerful complain technique to send complain letter by £0.60 more recorded services. The poor electrician will now signing all the recorded complain letters by Ioannis until one day he actually makes his visit!

  7. Ye, Naz, that is exactly what I did, you have to top me on that one to be called ‘the MOST musically exposed’ person. PS: I dont know what the word ‘noody’ mean, couldnt find its meaning anywhere.

    Naz responds: I meant saying “musically exposed” sounded like somebody was playing a musical instrument while naked. Noody = nude.


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