Another thing that’s wrong with the nation today..

I write a serious post about finance and nobody reads it/comments on it. I write about “Ze Weekend”, “Party”, “Touching Boys” and they come flocking. Flocking idiots!!

No wonder we (present company excluded) are becoming a nation of idiots! We (present company excluded) have the attention span of a goldfish on acid. We (present company excluded) deserve the crap that ITV is throwing at us in our drooling, comatose faces.

Well if you want garbage, I’ll give you garbage. You think this is garbage?? Wait till I give you real garbage!

Oh, Merry Birthday Ioannis!!

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  1. Ioannis

     /  6 December, 2006

    Finance? Who wants to think about finance!

  2. Sorry Naz, but finance bores me. Then again, maybe I am just stupid.

  3. C’mon, seriously….. what did u expect from us?!?!?

  4. I have been revising statistics. That should exclude me from the ‘idiot’ label. And now I’ve even commented on your dull post. Happy now? 😛


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