…in my readership. So all I say is, no more posts from now on. Go read Dilbert’s Blog; it’s funnier and more people comment on his blog than I could ever wish for.


I tried making you laugh, I tried giving you sound financial advice, I even pretended to be interested in your dull jobs and your opinions on life…


But I’m through with this malarky. Don’t comment, see if I care!


Bernard Bailey said “When they find the center of the universe, a lot of people are going to be disappointed that they are not it”. And it’s true, you guys are NOT the center of the universe. It’s MY blog after all!!

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  1. Ioannis

     /  8 December, 2006

    It’s a desperate attempt to get us to post comments isn’t it?

  2. and we’ve all fallen for it.

    Naz responds: Precisement, mon cherie!! 

  3. If it’s any consolation, nobody is commenting on my blog either. I’ve had to resort to mysterious posts (and putting links on your blog)! I might add that you’re not so generous with the comments yourself hactually!

  4. Do you need a hug?

  5. Yasso

     /  13 December, 2006

    Awww… poor beggar… come ‘ere… I’ll come here more often and troll your blog… I promise. Besides, you still make me laugh like nobody else can! 🙂 You still got it bro!
    Love ya,

    Naz responds: Yes, and I’m still merciless with grammar mistakes. “Trawl”, not “troll”…. 

  6. lotv

     /  13 December, 2006

    there are people who read you from thousands miles away in greece, some probably too shy to write comments! don’t feel lonely!

  7. Yeah Dimitri. Shy. 😉

    Naz responds: I’m sure he didn’t mean himself.

  8. He meant me, me, me, me~~~~ (can u hear the echo?)



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