Half my kingdom for a disorder!

In the past I have often felt rather left out when my England football mates all talked in the locker room about their Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, and I had none to compare!! I could match them pound for pound with their Range Rover Sports and Lincoln Navigators, but here I was being out-classed in my own backyard, mental disorders!! Until it struck me that I have been so busy trying to sort out World Poverty and Cancer that I didn’t even realise I had a wonderful disorder of my own. Oh Joy!!

I don’t throw away empty mayo jars.

Now you might say this is just a rather unusual form of squirrelling, but I say nay! When you consider that I only eat Hellman’s full fat mayo, and only buy the large jars, then you will come closer to understanding. You see, with the standard spoons (and knives and forks) in my house, I can never reach the bottom of the jar so there’s always a mini-motherlode of mayo waiting to be tapped. So I put the jar back into the fridge and open a new jar for my immediate needs. I reason that someday when I’m cooking and want to make the dish somewhat creamier, I’ll pour some hot water into the jar, swirl it around and thus get at that slippery mayo.

Thus I have a fridge chock full of almost-but-not-quite empty mayo jars.


And a Bushism :- “We must all hear the universal call to like your neighbour just like you like to be liked yourself.”

Ah, you don’t even know how I like to be liked myself!!

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  1. Ioannis

     /  20 December, 2006

    Lol. How many are you stocking?

  2. Dont even ask.


  3. Isn’t that quite intelligent for Bush?!

  4. Yasso

     /  2 January, 2007

    Er… Agu… I could tell your handful of readers a few “interesting” things about you… and they have nothing to do with mayo…
    Trust me, you’ll kick all their asses in the locker room.

  5. Yasso

     /  2 January, 2007

    Oh! And how are the beer cans? Still waiting for sweet little sister to come home? Or has that disorder mutated into the mayo squirelling thingy now?
    And how are your socks, by the way… are they woolen? Do they bend?


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