Christmas cheats!

All I remember about our supposedly “fun” Christmas Party on the 23rd at Ioannis’ was that I was cheated out of a(nother) victory in my life. My team, composed of me (and two other persons called Jeff and Rob who were there only to make up the numbers) was walloping the three other teams at Trivial Pursuit when suddenly out of the blue another team started winning.

To be completely honest, I was not without fault for my defeat.

I should’ve suspected something was fishy in the State of Denmark when Tracy started answering trivia questions.

Especially before I had completed asking the question.

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  1. Can the girl help it if she’s modest about her genius and keeps it well hidden 363 days of the year? 😛

  2. Tinks

     /  2 January, 2007

    Hey hey hey… I can answer some… well a couple of those questions… they may only be in the entertainment n sports category… but as if I would know anything that Jill / Simon wouldn’t know anyway… ; p


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