The fine line ——-

I was pleasantly surprised to see a Sikh at the head of Newsnight the other day. He was a tre jolie and intelligent fella and managed to finely tread the line between self-aggrandisement and self-deprecation. Then I saw him crop up again last night on Channel 4 with a program about gambling. He proved to be a very funny guy, cracking jokes and puns with a straight face while gamely trying everything.

I’ve since learned he wrote, directed and starred in “Meet the Magoons”, a comedy show.

And as Google informs me, Shasha was right. Hardeep Singh Kohli grew up in Scotland so traces of that accent were noticeable. He also produced a documenmtary called “In search of the tartan turban”.

In India, Sikhs were a regular sight on television; but Hardeep is the only one on British telly I can remember.

And New Scientist informs us that there is indeed a fine line between being British and African, atleast for some people. The title says it all:- Genes reveal West African heritage of white Brits. Yes, you didn’t know what mama dear was upto, did you?

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