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Okay, here’s the news you’ve been waiting for.

At the interview I was sat down in a small room with an ancient laptop (in case I made off with it?) and given a A4 paper with a task on it. I had 30 mins to read and prepare a presentation, following which I’d be grilled/interviewed interminably.

The task? Assuming a Manchester Transport Enterprise was receiving complaints from Trafford Park Employers that there were poor public transport services for its employees, especially at key shift times early morning and late night, how would you (I) assess the problem and provide solutions. Specifically, what data would I need, how would I use it in a GIS system, and what advantages/drawbacks of using a GIS system.

I’m not going to further anoint myself in glory by giving you my brilliant answers; suffice it to say that I enjoy such tasks and it really took the pressure off me having prepared anything beforehand as the interviewers knew the whole thing was pretty much off-the-cuff.

So I remain hopeful.

In other news, Ronnie O’Sullivan beat Ding Junhui in the SAGA Master’s Final. Ding went ahead 2-0 at the start, but Rocket Ronnie then came back to blow him away 10-3. This was a remarkable game for Ronnie’s brilliance, but also because of the drama than went on. The 19 year-old Chinese Ding was upset by the reaction of the 4000-strong crowd in the Wembley Conference Arena when he missed a shot, and ended up looking severly distressed and tearful. There may have been some heckling going on as well, and Ding left the table for the final break with 31 year-old Ronnie’s arm around his shoulder. In the final frame Ronnie paused in his play to berate a heckler, which the rest of the crowd applauded.

We forget how nerve-wracking it must be to play in front of a live audience and cameras for a 19 year-old, no matter how talented he is. I hope this experience helps Ding understand and deal with external pressure better, for he is surely a champion in waiting.

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  1. Your interview sounds like my idea of hell but I’m glad you’re feeling positive about it! 🙂 I hope you’ve not given clues to future applicants now though!

  2. Even though he has lost people forget how well he has done for a 19 year-old to get this far, and Rocket could easily win over anybody. He is the best but Ding is definitely a fab player – he has all my support~~~~

  3. jessy

     /  25 January, 2007

    How would you share your first month salary with us?

    Naz responds:- I’m having serious difficulties with the word “Share”.


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