An Interview with Naz

Going to an interview now with one of Greater Manchester’s largest Public Transport Enterprises. 45 mins of “assessment” followed by 60 mins of “interview”. (Dunno why the “quotation marks”).

Sha and Ali are at a photoshoot. More about that later. (He he. That should keep ’em hanging for more details.)

And it’s my pesky little sister Yasso’s birthday today. She’s now old enough to tie her own shoe laces. In some countries. You can hand me the presents and I’ll definitely really make sure she gets them. Yeah.

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  1. I’ll give my lucky shell a rub for you! 😉

  2. Shhh….. Naz, dont tell them~


  3. Why’ve u removed your post about your job interview?! 😉

    Naz responds:- I hadn’t. Shasha was messing about trying to improve something or other, as usual she must’ve messed it up!!! 🙂

  4. All I can hear now is: “blah blah Shasha blah blah blah~~~~”

    Naz responds:- So I see Gary Larson is teaching you to be sarcastic now?


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