Oumou Sangare

I feel really privileged and pampered to be able to just stroll into a library and pick up one of the best CDs ever recorded. Thank you Mr. Music Buyer for Central Libraries; how could he (or she (obviously if it’s she then we’re not going to address her as Mr.)) have known to buy Oumou Sangare?
Oumou Sangare is a female singer born in Bamako, Mali. Her music is that of Southern Mali, with a distinct, hypnotic style of traditional music called “Wassoullou”. Have a listen. My favourite songs are Dugu Kamalemba (Skirt chaser) and Ne Bi Fe (I love you).

Meanwhile, Last.fm is playing a long-forgotten song by Credence Clearwater Revival called “Walk on the water”. I loved CCR when I was introduced to them by Moscow’s Radio Classica 102.1 fm (Classic Rock, that is) but I seem to have somehow forgotten about them.

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  1. Yasso

     /  26 January, 2007

    “And I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain…”
    and my fav – “It ain’t me, it ain’t meeee, I ain’t no fortunate one, one, nooooo!”
    Remember “There’s a Red House over yonder…” 🙂 and “Angie!” Ah! Indeed! Those were the good days… Not to forget the Smokie Robinson show we “attended”… if I remember right, we ended up with McSalfetkis and Mckartoshki at McDonald’s… Yes, the good days…

    Besides, I don’t see any mention of any sister’s birthday anywhere. Didn’t happen to forget till day before did you? Hmmm…. grrr… “Just you wait ‘enry ‘iggins, just you wait!”

    Naz responds:- Don’t you have work to do?? And of course I didn’t forget (he hurriedly types) your birthday!! I have that Red House version on a live CD. And Ka Karoon Sajni as well!! Nu Zaits, pogodi!!


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