A wonderful amusing day for science!

Apparently, natural oils in shampoos and lotions like tea tree or lavender oil have caused the growth of breasts on three young boys. Unfortunately there are no piccies. But I wonder how this “research” came about being. The boys were aged 4, 7 and 10. I’m guessing boys from one family were brought to a doctor after repeated use of a product made them “popular with the other boys”. I’m visualising a scene from Family Guy where the son grows breasts and suddenly all the cool guys want to hang out with him!

And a study due to be released in the U.S has found that lighter skin equates to bigger pay packets. The researcher divided skin tones into 11 shades ranging from darkest to lightest, and found that skin lighter by one part on this scale was equivalent in earnings to an extra year in education.

So stop studying and get your self lighter skin!! (In colourist America, of course) 

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  1. jessy

     /  2 February, 2007

    It might be bad news for the boys but it sounds good to me. 😛

  2. Get myself lighter skin?! I’ve spent my whole life on a desperate mission to tan it!


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