Tipping Point

Yes, I’ve got the book. Now I shall proceed to read it. Like all American books, it’s not content with explaining a phenomenon. No, it has to go one step further and tell you how “you can harness the power of this phenomenon for yourselves to start trends”. Otherwise what’s the point of reading a book, eh? Surely not for knowledge itself!
Went to Leeds with Ioannis yesterday to pick up Panos. All we saw of Leeds was the so-called “Loop Road” which was quite helpful, if we’d known of its existence beforehand. Managed to find the coach station quite easily though.

Much later:- Okay, finished reading it. An absorbing book, it took a while to catch on but then went pretty well. Certain things about it are very interesting and worth knowing, but it could have been better written. 

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  1. oops sorry i’m too slow in “harnessing the power of this phenomenon” but i think u will enjoy it very much! u’ll probably finish reading it before me so i expect a summary!

    Naz responds:- I mean that nowadays a book has to “sell” you something rather than being a book for a book’s sake. Am I making myself clear? It’s just a trend that I believe has emerged from the wave of “management books” of (70’s?) America, starting perhaps with Lee Iococa or Ioaccca (Chrysler. I have no idea how it’s spelt)

  2. Yes Naz, we’ve been hearing about your dubious skills in navigation today actually! 😛

    Naz responds:- Rach, good use of dubious. 😛

    I am guilty of taking Shasha the wrong way (just as I type it I see the comedy potential here. Pun totally not intended) to the airport, which is basically one straight road where I forgot to tell her where to come off. So the real tribute is to Ioanni’s driving skills.

  3. Tinks

     /  6 February, 2007

    hey you went to leeds and didn’t tell me??? Por que?

    Naz responds:- I forgot to ask permission. Please don’t punish me.

    p.s. Good use of Spanish.

  4. Yasso

     /  8 February, 2007

    So the world’s still a dawg, huh?
    Poor baby…


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