Shouting at the telly

I have developed this irresistably cute (I think) habit of hurling abuse at anyone on the telly that incurs my wrath. This means everybody. Any half-baked “celebrity” is immediately fair game. And then these dumb reality shows where people say “I didn’t expect to do very well anyway” which shows what thickos they are, and quiz shows where people say the capital of an East European country is Belgium, and makeovers where people for some arcane reason don’t just whip around and slap the silly and obnoxious “expert”.


It makes my blood boil it does!

A job title on offer is “Ocean Import Clerk”. I wonder how much of the ocean you’d have to have imported before you qualify as one??

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  1. how about u just watch less tv?? keeps the anger in check u know.

  2. That job sounds like heavy work Naz; it’d be hell on your back. 🙂
    A suggestion about the annoying people on TV…Have you ever thought about not watching?!


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