Neskolko punktov

  • Looking forward to United playing Europe XI today, what a cracker!!
  • Have an interview for next Monday, the job’s very close by home.
  • Was Gareth’s birthday yesterday, I hope you all knew.
  • Hungry now

Later:- What a crap game! I’d be incensed if Id’ve bought a ticket for that crap! The “Europe” team had has-beens Stelios Giannokopolous and Diouf (Bolton), Fowler and Zenden (Liverpool), and some No Name defenders. But worst of all, Fuckin’ Materazzi!! No Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Juninho, etc. And United in the second half fielded an equally crap side with Eagles (not the band), Cole and others.

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  1. Funny. Me and Yanni were discussing just yesterday how your blog usually revolves around football and food. Where’s the TV update though? 😉

  2. jessy

     /  14 March, 2007

    Yes Tracy jeh was celebrating with him on the weekend.
    I am not in a mood of any celebration.

  3. I am not in ‘a’ mood of any celebration, too. 😛


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